Konstantinos Dimopoulos --  Urbanist of Imaginary Places & Game Designer

Game Cities


I am Konstantinos Dimopoulos, and I was born in Athens, Greece, where I studied to become a rural and surveying engineer (with a focus on infrastructure and urbanism) at the NTUA. I then earned my MSc on urban and regional planning at the NTUA School of Architecture. In 2010 I received my PhD in urban planning and geography.


Since 2002 I have worked as an engineer, researcher, and lecturer, while publishing papers and contributing to scientific publications.


In 2006 I started writing about videogames on my personal blog, and thus almost accidentally began my career in the gaming industry.


Since then I have contributed articles on IndieGames.com, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra and a variety of other platforms, with a keen interest on highlighting a rich selection of indie games with sites like Warp Door.

In addition to this, I have been involved in a variety of game development roles, including game and level design for Kyttaro Games, creating my own indie and freeware titles, organising bundles, and consulting, testing, and promotion with IndieBros.

Combining my love and knowledge of both cities and games, I am now working with talented teams around the world to create vibrant and believable urban environments for games.  


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