Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Born in Athens, Greece



2002 Rural and Surveying Engineer Diploma (MSc eq.)

2006 Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning 

2010 PhD in Urban Planning and Geography




2003-2010: University Lecturing.

2003-today: Urban planning & geography research.

2006-2016: Games journalism.

2003-2007: Engineering & urban planning work.

2011-today: Game design, writing, level design work.

2011-2015: Kyttaro Games.

2012-today: Testing & Q.A. for the IGF Awards.

2014-today: Game urbanism, interactive city design. 
2017-today: Teaching level & game design @ SAE Athens.

Selected Gameography

The Sinking City by Frogwares

A Place for the Unwilling by Alpixel

Lake by gamious

Ex Novo with Martin Nerurkar

Seed by Klang

Cyberganked by Robb Sherwin

Droidscape: Basilica by Kyttaro Games

Nékromegà (freeware)

Earthling Priorities (freeware)

Workers In Progress: SE (freeware)