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Talks & Lectures

Urban Design and the Creation of Videogame Cities

My talk at Develop: Brighton 2017 on designing convincing cities for video games. 

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Immersive Urbanism: Breathing Life into Game Cities

My talk at GIC '17 in Poznan regarding the construction of immersive, breathing, intriguing urban environments. Certain basic concepts/methods of urban planning and city geography were also mentioned.

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Interactive Virtual Urbanism and the Design of Game Cities

SUBOTRON arcademy talk (Vienna, March 2018) on the ways in which interactive virtual urbanism is expressed via the creation and exploration of digital cities in video games.

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Political, Playful Cities & Simulations

A talk at Goethe Institut's Power Is Game - Games & Politics 2018 exhibition on the political significance of video game cities. The talk was held in Greek.

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The Virtual Cities We Play In: A Builder's Introduction

A talk at Game Access '18 (in Brno) on the combination of real world planning, city geography with level, narrative and game design.

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Building Believable Utopias and Interactive Dystopias

My talk at the 2018 Athens Games Festival on the ways utopia and dystopia can be approached via video games, and the fundamentally civic nature of this discourse.

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Narratives in Urbanism & Storytelling Cities

Uncovering how a well crafted game city can convey history, be a crucial aspect of world building, solve narrative problems, inspire plot-threads, shape characters, and allow for environmental storytelling on the grand scale. An Adventure X 2018 talk at the British Library.

[Presentation Slides] [Watch on YouTube]

Constructing Game Worlds (In One Hour)

Talk at the 2019 Global Game Jam Athens on rapid world-building. In Greek.

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The Art of Building Virtual Cities

Discussing the creation of virtual and game cities at IVIPRO Days 2020: Online Edition.

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Designing the Believable, Memorable City

Approaching the creation of virtual and game cities based on the twin pillars of memorability and believability. A talk for the Slovakian Game Days 2020 (online) conference.

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Breathing Life Into Games Through Urban Environments

On the methods of game urbanism, and the ludic and narrative usefulness of game cities. A talk at PocketGamer Connects Digital #5 (Online, 2021)

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The Public Spaces of Video Games: Representations & Possibilities

At the 2021 Digital Age Tech Summit, Istanbul.

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Virtual Worlds

Keynote Panel at CAAD Futures 2021 - Design Imperatives with J. Sanchez J. and K.Parsons.

[CAAD futures 2021 site]

The Playful Virtual City

A discussion of virtual cities, utopia, and playful urbanism. At Utopian Hours, Torino 2021.

[Presentation Slides]

Playing With the Building Blocks of Utopia

A discussion of utopia and the video game technologies that can support and evolve it. Keynote at the 17th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, Athens 2022.

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Selected Interviews & Podcasts

Cities of Gold

Edge Magazine, issue 306, June 2017, p.12-13 

[Archived Contents Page]

Du Terrain Connu Au Terrain De Jeu

Canard PC, issue 364, July 2017, p.42-43

[Magazine Site]

Unboxholics Interview

An interview in Greek with the excellent Unboxholics team. 24 May, 2018. (the interview starts at 24:44)

[Watch Episode]

Exploring Real-World Cities in Video Games

Interview by Thor Jensen for 15 June, 2018. 

[Archived Interview Link]

From Fallout to Half-Life, urban planning is crucial for game design

An interview by K.G. Orphanides for Wired. 18 June 2018.

[Interview Link]

Virtual Cities explores the urban landscapes of 40 video games

Interview by India Block for Dejeen. 19 July 2018.

[Interview Link]

Ciudades y videojuegos, hacia un urbanismo interactivo

Subtitled documentary about game cities in Spanish. 3 December 2018.

[Watch on YouTube]

Inside the intricate world of video game cartography

Part of Aaron Kylie's interviews for Canadian Geographic. 31 May 2019.

[Interview Link]

Konstantinos Dimopoulos, el urbanista de los videojuegos

Interview by Enrique Alpañés for Yorokobu. 19 November 2019.

[Interview Link]

The miles we walk: How physical maps can guide the development of sprawling game worlds

Interviewed alongside Brian Heins and by Daniel Lipscombe for gamesradar+. 21 January 2020.

[Interview Link]

Villes virtuelles, enjeux du réel

Interviewed by Vincent Manilève for a fascinating piece on Ubisoft Stories (in French). 5 February 2020.

[Interview Link]

GameUp -- From City 17 to Night City: How cities are changing videogames

Podcast with Elias Pappas on enternity (in Greek). 3 March 2020.

[Listen Here]

Las ciudades en los videojuegos, de 'SimCity' a 'Final Fantasy VII'

Interview with Deborah Lopez Rivas for an article on game cities for verne / El Pais (in Spanish). 19 May 2020.

[Interview Link]

Exploring virtual cities with Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Podcast with Mark Drew, Valentina Chrysostomou, and Jonathon Wilson on Level Design Podcast. 19 June 2020.

[Listen Here]

Virtual Cities - Konstantinos Dimopoulos/LDL #83

Interview, and discussion on the Virtual Cities atlas with Max Pears for the Level Design Lobby podcast.  10 November 2020. 

[Listen Here]


Virtual Cities with Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Interview at the Utopian Hours podcast. 21 January 2021.

[Listen Here


Paper Trails

Interview by Niall O'Donoghue alongside Andrew Shouldice, Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nathan Cheever, Judson Cowan, and Ross Thorn for EDGE Magazine, issue 376, p.70-79. 

[EDGE Magazine site]


VR travels: From ancient Knossos to Space

Interview with Panos Sakkas on gaming and its technologies for Lifo | Podcasts. 20 November 2022.

[Listen Here]

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