Urban Consulting

From fixing common problems and enhancing the atmosphere of your game's cities, to guiding you through the urban planning process that fits your design needs and detailing the geographies of your interactive world, urban consulting is as demanding as it is varied in its scope. 

Architecture, city design, regional planning, streets and infrastructure, history, game, narrative and level design, research, topography, art direction, world building, tool development, procedural analysis, map making, spatial puzzle design, and even the creation of specific places for specific characters can (and have been) part of my urban consulting work.  

I consult on video games, board games, tabletop and computer RPGs, and of course for authors and other creative people or teams that need my services.

Design of Imaginary Cities

Designing living, breathing cities from the ground up, complete with their histories, plans, narrative spaces, geographical layers, topographies, districts, hinterlands, transportation systems, economies, and functioning societies. Also abstracting and modifying existing cities to fit your game's or level's needs.

I have worked and love working on projects involving ancient towns, sets of fantasy villages, horror neighborhoods, the contemporary metropolis, cyberpunk dystopias, eco-utopias, and everything in between. 

I can provide you with deliverables ranging from a few simple sketches and some descriptive paragraphs, to detailed maps and bibles covering every aspect of your city. 

World Building

Need somewhere to place your towns and villages? A sensible forest around your metropolis, and a natural harbor for your occultist fishermen? Do you need help creating and fleshing out your world, support in constructing a sci-fi universe, or information regarding the organization of medieval networks? Do you even require a custom-built world ready to serve as your setting? As both a game designer and a geographer, I believe I can help.

Keep in mind that detailed imaginary worlds, interactive urban environments, and virtual geographies can also deeply influence and further inspire your game, level, and narrative design.


I can create digital & analog maps of all sizes and detail-levels for your cities, regions, dungeons, and worlds; maps that can be part of your UI or even used exclusively during the process of game creation. If the need arises I can also work with professional artists and illustrators to create maps ready for both in-game uses, and as printable decorations.

Talks, Articles, Lectures, Books

I try to share as much of my research and experience regarding game cities as possible. I am thus always interested in discussing opportunities regarding articles, talks, lectures, and books/chapters on game urbanism, and city-centered design.

City Simulations

My work covers the creation of urban simulation rules, analysis for city-building games, guidelines for the procedural generation of video game settlements, and of course models for the behavior of residents, and the realistic simulation of urban systems and civic life.

Game and Level Design, Writing, PR

Urbanism aside, I do occasionally delve into the joys of writing, game design, puzzle design, level design, and acting as project lead for smaller teams. I am always interested in working on worthwhile projects wearing a variety of hats, and often work on board-games and pen & paper RPGs too.

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