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Co-founded Kyttaro Tech and its gaming focused Kyttaro Games label. The now defunct Kyttaro was an indie gaming studio that focused on iOS game development. We released two games on iOS (Droidscape: Basilica and DroidArcade), and several Bundle In A Box bundles complete with the Indie Dev Grant initiative -- something I'm immensely proud of. Kyttaro Tech also developed (and sold) head-tracking, OCR, and bill reading technology.

At Kyttaro I wore a variety of hats including those of PR, marketing, community manager, web designer, and all around tech support guy. My main focus however were the games. I was leading all game projects (including the bundle), and engaging with game design, writing, and level design

More information on Droidscape: Basilica can be found on its Metacritic Page. A making-of booklet can be downloaded via

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