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Nékromegà is (or will soon be) a freeware, highly replayable, narrative-driven adventure game with RPG elements, and an unexpectedly political take on the matter of un-death. A powerful interactive narrative set in a unique universe; a game with the world building of which I too helped, though my work was centered on creating the place's main cities and their environs.

Working with lectronice always leads to incredibly intriguing urban, geographical, and architectural dialogues and ideas, which then expand to influence and in turn be influenced by the game design itself. In the case of Nékromegà, my initial suggestions for showing ideological and societal differences via urban planning and architecture were fully supported, took their place in the world's mythology, and I then went on to design two radically different fantasy cities. 

Both cities were described in writing, gradually edited, eventually modeled in Lego bricks, and of course sketched in all their detail on paper, always taking the evolving requirements of the project under consideration. 

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